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16.01.17 Aliens Love Underpants!

As part of our topic on Space, this week in Nursery, we are looking at the Story 'Aliens Love Underpants' by Claire Freeman & Ben Cort.


We will be doing lots of different activities both inside and outside our classroom, based on the story, such as; painting pictures from the story to experiment with colours, sticking shapes onto pants to learn about shapes, patterns and their colours, washing pants in the water tray and hanging them to dry and making play dough pants for the Aliens on our messy table!

Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

Take a look at the story together here,
When little aliens fly down to Earth, they don't come to visit because they want to meet the Earthlings. They simply want to steal everybody's underpants! They like them large or small, they like them red or green-and they like them in all other sizes and colors, too.