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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section!

The Governors are representatives of the local council; the parents, the staff and the local community. They take a keen and active interest in the running of the school and, in conjunction with the staff, try to foster a good relationship with the community.


All parents are eligible for election to the Governing Body as Parent Governors. This occurs either at the end of a term of office or when an existing member leaves.


The Governors meet at least twice a term and are elected for four years from the time of their election.

Governor List


Name of Governor

Area of Responsibility

Status Start Date End Date

Jo Jones


Head Teacher voter


Staff Governor (Core) 01/01/2008 N/A

Lawrence Young

Finance & Premises

Staff Governor (Core) 19/06/2015




Andrew Button

Chair of Governors


Parent Governor 25/09/2018





Alison Dundas

Pupil Premium & Sports Premium


Parent Governor 26/06/2017 25/06/2021

Vicky Waldron




co-opted 04/12/18 03/12/2022

Julie Doyle




Co-opted 17/04/2015 16/04/2019

Sandi Kirkham

Pupil Premium & Sports Premium

Co-opted 17/03/2016







Jayne Adamson




LA Governor 29/03/19 30/03/2023

Kate Woodcock




co-opted 22/09/2015 21/09/2019


Joyce Rawlinson


Safeguarding co-opted 14/11/2016 13/11/2020

Angela Whitehouse


co-opted 22/01/19




Claire Jukes







The Governors at Story Wood School are as follows:



Name: Lawrence Young (Staff Governor)

Position: Chair - Premises

Any other educational establishments you govern: N/A

Any details of any relationships between yourself and members of the school staff: N/A

Details of relevant business and Pecuniary interests: N/A


Name: Julie Doyle (Children's Centre Manager)

Position: N/A

Any other educational establishments you govern: Chair of Governors at Goodway Nursery School

Any details of any relationships between yourself and members of the school staff: N/A

Details of relevant business and Pecuniary interests: N/A











Learning is a life long process which enables us all to play a full part in society, to contribute to it and benefit from it.  All of us, parents, children, teachers, governors and the wider community are involved in this process.  Our school curriculum is the total of everything that is offered to your child at Story Wood.  It is therefore of vital importance as it provides a solid foundation for future life experiences.


At Story Wood we emphasise that all children have an entitlement:


  • to equality of opportunity, contribution and esteem,
  • to a curriculum which recognises the individual and special needs of each child,
  • to a curriculum which provides continuity in their learning as much as possible,


The Governors wish to ensure that through this curriculum children will develop and apply the skills, knowledge and understanding gained from their homes, our school and the community.



If you have a concern or query, you should contact the school so that the matter can be discussed with the Head/ Deputy or a member of staff.  It is expected that the majority of questions and anxieties can be dealt with in this way.


If Parents are still worried about an issue, formal written complaints may be made to the Governing Body. Details of the procedure are available upon request.


Governors would also like to hear about success and positive aspects of school life.