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Phonics in Reception

 We have started Phase 2/3 Phonics (Letters and Sounds) and so far have been taught the phonemes:


                                                  s    a    t   p   i   n    g   o   ck   r   u  v   w    x     y    z

                                               sh (shop)   ch (chop)   ai (rain)    ee (see)   oo (look)   oo (boot)  or(horn)  

                                               ar  (star)     ea (seat)    oa (boat)  ll (full)     zz (buzz)    ng (bang)  ck(tick) 


We have also started to make short CVC words by 'sounding them out' like:


                           sat       cat       rat      pat     pot     rot      put     sun     pan    tan    


       High frequency words ( words we use a lot) are in our Home Learning Books and include:

              she      he      me      we       and    a      I      the     to    go     was      in     on     is      it


           Please look in your book for more challenging words as your child completes each set.