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Q11. How will the school support and prepare my child to join the school or to transfer to a new school or the next stage of education and life?

Transition for new pupils to our school:

  • The school holds an induction meeting with the parents and child to discuss individual needs and what the school can offer. The pupil will meet their new teacher and fellow pupils during this visit.
  • The SENCO liaises with the child’s previous school or school nurse team/health visitor to discuss any learning/ medical needs and to ensure that the appropriate provision is in place prior to the pupil starting.
  • The school may negotiate a staggered induction where necessary with parents/support agencies to meet the needs of the individual. This may start with mornings only for example, dependent on the needs of the pupil.
  • Home visits are made for pupils coming into Nursery and Reception in order to discuss needs fully in the home environment. Where appropriate the SENCO will accompany staff to speak in person to parents.


Transition to a new class/Key stage within Story Wood:

  • Transition days are planned in order to prepare pupils for their move within school. Familiar staff will accompany pupils where necessary in order to minimise stress.
  • Additional transition visits are arranged on an individual needs basis.
  • All SEND records and information are passed on to your child’s new teacher and time is allocated discuss individual needs.
  • Pupils can be given photographs/ information about their new class and teacher in advance if necessary.

Transition from Story Wood to a new school including transfer to Secondary School:

  • The SENCO will liaise with the new school’s SENCO in order to ensure the receiving school is fully aware of the pupil’s needs. Wherever possible the SENCO will take the records personally and have a face to face discussion with staff at the new school.
  • from receiving schools are invited to attend annual reviews /final reviews where appropriate and necessary.
  • Staff from the appropriate secondary schools or receiving school will be invited to visit pupils and meet with staff and/or pupils to gather information.
  • Pupils visit new settings with familiar staff from Story Wood whenever possible.
  • Pupils in Y6 participate in transition sessions preparing them for the changes they are about to experience.
  • New schools are invited to attend annual reviews/ final reviews where necessary.