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STEM Week - 2018


During STEM week children have been able to able to show their ability to learn by exploring like Dora. 


We have investigated where cress grows best - We planted cress seeds and made sure to keep them watered but put them in different places to see where would encourage the cress to grow the best. We put one pot outside, one by the window/ radiator, one in the cupboard, one on Mrs Matthiesen's desk by the radiator and one in the fridge. We then wrote down our predictions of where we thought they might grow the best. Which do you think would be the most successful?


Planting our cress   


We also followed a recipe to make Giant bubble mixture - we mixed together water, glycerine, cornflour and washing up liquid and then left it to settle for 1 hour. We then used funnels and hoops to create HUGE bubbles!



We explored colour mixing and how water can travel with a simple experiment - To do this we used 3 glasses - 2 with food colouring mixed with water and one with just plain water - we then put rolled up kitchen roll between the coloured water and plain. We made predictions independently about what would happen. It was so exciting to see the colour gradually move from one glass to the next!



Mrs Matthiesen told us a story about some animals that wanted to cross a river but they couldn't swim - we had to work out a way to get them across. Some of us design boats to transport them across whilst other made bridges to get to the other side.



Lastly, we looked about how we could make cars go further out of the end of a tube. We varied the height of the tube by balancing it on wooden blocks at one end, the car travelled further the more blocks we put underneath...until we tried 6 blocks, the car couldn't stay the right way up!