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Topics in Reception

                                                      Reception Class Topics 2016 - 2017


Autumn Term 1's topic involved learning all about 'Ourselves'. We talked about our bodies, our feelings and our families. The Reception Class ended the topic with a visit to Wibbly Wobbly and we used our bodies to move in lots of different ways! 


 Autumn Term 2 term's topic was based on 'Celebrations and Festivals'. Our Entry Point included sharing a bonfire with marshmallows and hot chocolate in our Story Wood with the rest of our Early Years Department. We then celebrated Diwali and spent a lot of time thinking about Remembrance Day and making poppies. We are looking forward to our upcoming Christmas trips to help us to celebrate and enjoy  the festivities! 


Spring Term 1's topic  is based on  'Space' and we began this topic with a visit to our Story Wood as we think a spaceship had landed! We even found some space dust scattered all over the wood! This really helped us with our writing and particularly inspired the boys! 


Our Reception Class trip to visit the  planetarium at the Thinktank on Thursday January 26th was also planned to enthuse the children and encourage them to learn!