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Story Wood School Sowing the seeds of success

British Values at Story Wood

British Values at Story Wood


There are 5 core British values, which are promoted and reinforced in school in a number of ways.


Mutual Respect: at Story Wood, we treat others as we want to be treated. We respect each other and work together.

The Rule of Law: at Story Wood we understand rules and why they are important. We follow rules to develop order. 

Individual Liberty: at Story Wood we believe in the freedom of speech for all and the right to make our own choices.

Tolerance of All Faiths: at Story Wood we learn about different faiths and cultures. We listen to other view points and learn about diversity. 

Democracy: at Story Wood, we believe everyone has the right to an opinion and a voice. We understand the value in making decisions together.



As part of the RE curriculum throughout KS1 and KS2, children study the Christian faith and its core values as well as other world faiths. Our assemblies, Philosophy 4 Children sessions and PSHE lessons are often related to current affairs.  We aim to widen the children’s knowledge and experience of what is relevant in today’s society and multi-cultural issues in order to support them in making informed choices. Themes we cover include: racism, politics, equality, justice, poverty, natural disasters and war.


In lessons, children are encouraged to be independent learners and to make informed choices. We promote meta-cognition and teach children to think in various ways through the language of Thinking Moves.  


At the beginning of each year, children work together with the teacher to agree class rules (P4C charter) and virtues that underpin the school vision.  Children regularly review the reasons for particular rules and the importance of adhering to them.  Regular class debates and discussions through P4C PSHE, RE or curriculum linked topic work are evident in lessons (such as World War I in year 2 and World War II in year 6). In Year 6, children visit London and have the opportunity to visit many venues and buildings that are rooted in British History.



We teach online safety through Project Evolve and in PSHE lesson, which promote the importance of children making informed choices for safety reasons.

School Council representatives are democratically voted for by their peers. They meet regularly and discuss school issues, solving problems, consider improvements and engage in fund raising activities.

Children in Year 6 have many additional responsibilities such as Head Boy & Head Girl, House & Deputy Captains, Librarians and we have Junior PCSOs that are chosen from across school.  They take these responsibilities extremely seriously and are fantastic ambassadors for our school.

Children in Year 6 & Year 5 take part in Debate Mate. This after school club is run by University mentors, who support our children to voice their views and opinions and become the leaders of tomorrow.