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COVID-19 School Updates

This page is here to share how we are dealing with COVID-19 at Story Wood School. Pleas check back here for the latest advice and information.

'Blended' Home  Learning

If your child is unlucky enough to have to self- isolate during the COVID period or we are in a position to have to send a class bubble home to self-isolate, we would like to make all parents aware of the blended home learning available to all children. The timetables, which can be found here, outline the learning for each day.

The website links that support the learning can be found in the Children’s Section under ‘Home Learning’ in each classroom page. Other links such as Google Classroom and The Oak academy can also be found in the Home Learning section too. We hope you find this helpful should your/ your child’s class have to self-isolate.  

Weekly Blended Home Learning Timetables