Story Wood School Sowing the seeds of success

Who's Who


School Staff List: 2018 - 2019




Picture 1 Executive Head Teacher Mrs Jones by Kalan Ashcroft
Picture 2 Assistant Headteacher/Incl Ms Smith by Kelsey Pit
Picture 3 Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Coghlan

Phase Leaders

Phase Leaders 1 EYFS/Key Stage 1 - Miss Baldwin by Lucy Button
Phase Leaders 2 Key Stage 2 - Mrs Jones by Jessica Button

Administration Team

Administration Team 1 Business Manager Mrs Sadler by Darcy O'Neill
Administration Team 2 Office Manager Mrs Simmons by Eden Winmill
Administration Team 3 Clerical Assistant Mrs Neale by Fazhan Khan
Administration Team 4 Attendance Officer Miss Insalaco by Lola Carter-R
Administration Team 5 Finance Administrator Mrs Dunne by Liam Carter

Site Staff

Site Staff 1 Site Manager Mr Young by Bethany Morris
Site Staff 2 Shift Supervisor Miss Evans by Grace Orr

Nursery Class

Nursery Class 1 Mrs Mattiesen - Class Teacher
Nursery Class 2 Miss Bi - Teaching Assistant

Reception Class

Reception Class 1 Miss Baldwin by Lucy Button - Class Teacher
Reception Class 2 Teach. Assistant Miss Ashmore by Bethlehem Mekon

Year 1 Class

Year 1 Class 1 Miss Alleyne - Y1 Class Teacher
Year 1 Class 2 Teaching Assistant Mrs Ballard by Honey Kabran

Year 2 Class

Year 2 Class 1 Mrs Everitt - Y2 Class Teacher
Year 2 Class 2 Teaching Assistant - Miss A Shaw by Daniel Bartley
Year 2 Class 3 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Allsopp by Reece Uysal

Year 3 Class

Year 3 Class 1 Mr Azar - Y3 Class Teacher
Year 3 Class 2 Mrs Jones by Jessica Button
Year 3 Class 3 Teaching Assistant -Mrs Robinson by Brodie Carter

Year 4 Class

Year 4 Class 1 Y4 Class Teacher - Mrs A Stokes by Aiden Perry
Year 4 Class 2 Mrs Green by Megan Francis

Year 5 Class

Year 5 Class 1 Y5 Class Teacher : Mr West
Year 5 Class 2 Class Teacher - Mrs Llewellyn By Catherine Symonds
Year 5 Class 3 Teaching Assistant - Mrs York by Ashanti Malcolm

Year 6 Class

Year 6 Class 1 Y 6 Class Teacher Miss Marsh by Yassin Njie
Year 6 Class 2 Teaching Assistant - Mrs S Howell by Alisha Islam

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisors 1 Mrs Alloway by Komail Baig
Lunchtime Supervisors 2 Miss Kirby by Dontay Crockett
Lunchtime Supervisors 3 Miss Morton by Courtney Palmer
Lunchtime Supervisors 4 Mrs Pack by Elizabeth Perry
Lunchtime Supervisors 5 Mrs Symonds
Lunchtime Supervisors 6 Mrs Whyte