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Story Wood School "Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed" "inspirati omnia impetramus"

Spring Term

24.03.23 Learning about marbling, abstract art and illustration at Into University.

23.03.23 Practising accuracy in overarm throwing techniques in PE

15.03.23 Investigating air resistance.

08.03.23 Look at our beautifully presented and well-written reports on the Vikings. Zoom in to read and learn!

Y5 Residential Power Point - Please see the information that was shared at the last meeting in February.

03.03.23 Using VR to complement and enhance our learning in Science.

03.03.23 Putting the finishing touches to our balloon debate in P4C.

14.02.23 We are enjoying our reading cafe sampling a taste of our library book genres.

13.02.23 We are now beginning to sew our phone and tablet cases together.

10.02.23 Having an acting masterclass from Nick at Shakespeare School Festival.

09.02.23 Developing our agility skills in Fitness.

06.02.23 Practising different types of stitches in DT.

31.01.23 Our brilliant geography work on selecting reasons why the Vikings left Scandinavia.

23.01.23 Analysing existing products in DT before designing their own.

19.01.23 Improving speed and stamina in their fitness lessons in PE.

16.01.23 Visiting Into University to learn about accommodation, courses and clubs and societies they offer.

13.01.23 Investigating which equipment is best to separate solids and liquids in Science.

11.01.23 Playing board games in Latin.

10.01.23 Running from the end zone to the dead zone and aiming at the opposition in dodgeball.

05.01.23 Investigating which factors affect dissolving such as the number of stirs and the temperature of the water