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Story Wood School "Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed" "inspirati omnia impetramus"

Summer Term

16.05.23 Our poetry afternoon including a poetry exhibition and sharing our choice with a partner and performing it.

12.05.23 Our concepts taken from Arabian Nights as our stimulus and sharing our first thoughts.

11.05.23 Food tasting Roman ingredients in Latin. They seemed a fan of sourdough but less so of goats cheese and green olives!

05.05.23 Writing to persuade while in our red, white and blue! Look how focused they are.

28.04.23 Dissecting a flower in Science to look at the parts and structure.

25.04.23 Practising block printing in Art.

21.04.23 Learning how gears, levers and pulley mechanisms work in Science.

21.04.23 Measuring angles using a protractor

20.04.23 Exploring SketchUp for computer aided design in Computing.