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Story Wood School "Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed" "inspirati omnia impetramus"

Vision, Values and Mission Statement



Our Ethos

Our Vision

Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed.”

"inspirati omnia impetramus"



Mission Statement

"At Story Wood, we inspire our pupils to embrace the high-quality educational experiences we offer through our curriculum and the life skills it develops to ensure they universally succeed and are prepared for the next step in their learning and beyond"


                    Vision Statement

                    (Our five values are embedded within our vision statement)

  1. Aspiration: all children achieve highly   
  2. Respect: the emotional well-being of children and staff drive our polices and practice and all relations are built on mutual respect and care for each other
  3. Inclusion: building strong relationships with all aspects of our community by actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with all our stakeholders
  4. Opportunities for all: we create a passion for learning by offering opportunities that encourage all pupils to be immersed in their learning and become effective creative and critical thinkers
  5. Resilience: is nurtured: growth mind-sets are developed by celebrating mistakes