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Story Wood School Sowing the seeds of success


Welcome to Story Wood School

by Jo Jones Headteacher


Welcome to Story Wood School website, it gives a wonderful insight into the work and opportunities available to pupils at our school, it also offers plenty of useful information for parents and visitors.


I feel both privileged and proud to be the head teacher of such a vibrant and inclusive school. I’m delighted to share the wide range of enrichment activities on offer to our children, access to our Class Blogs which show the learning journey of each year group and our blended learning approach, which offers various learning opportunities from home including weekly home learning (Homework).


At Story Wood School the children are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make to ensure they feel safe, are happy, confident, independent and that the opportunities available to them are relevant to them both now and in the future. As a ‘Thrive’ school we offer extensive emotional support to our children to ensure they are ready to learn, as we really value the well- being of all children and recognise that for some children their emotional resilience needs to be a priority.


Our school name, Story Wood, was chosen by our children in 2011 and was selected as the actual ‘Story wood’ our Forest School wooded area, was and remains their favourite location in school. We are lucky enough to have a large site with many areas for our children to learn, play and investigate, including the Story Bus, the outdoor classroom, Perry’s adventure playground and the sports court.


We believe it is important for our children to receive a well-rounded curriculum, where individual talents can be spotted, nurtured and encouraged to allow all children to experience success, however small they may seem, and achieve their full potential. We aim to nurture the whole child so we work to develop their spiritual, artistic and musical as well as academic potential. Our children are the future of our society and we want to ensure we equip them with the skills and confidence to tackle anything to become excellent citizens in life.                                                                                


In 2020, the Story Wood staff re-wrote our ‘Coherent Curriculum’ ensuring it is closely matched the National Curriculum (2014) for each subject area, it is progressive and covers the necessary knowledge, skills and concepts appropriate for each year group. Alongside it, we offer relevant and meaningful experiences (‘trips, treats & visitors’) to enhance the delivery of the curriculum and ensure our children have the opportunity to extend their cultural capital, which support their growth and development as they move through our school. The curriculum has been designed specifically for our children, it is accessible, inclusive, widens pupils’ horizons and is meaningful to them as pupils living in Kingstanding within Birmingham. We also use Philosophy for Children (P4C) and Thinking Moves (TM) as approaches, to encourage pupils to think about their learning and express themselves.


In realising our vision ‘sowing the seeds to success,’ we aim to provide the first stage of a child’s learning journey, which will prepare them for the next stage of their school career and ultimately be in a position to take up a valuable place- not only in society but in the wider world as considerate, well rounded and productive citizens of the future.


Our mission statement, ‘To provide our pupils with a stimulating and engaging curriculum which will support and nurture a love for lifelong learning’, gives clarity to what this means for us as a team and what we strive to achieve for our children.


Our school offers an extended day through Breakfast Club and we signpost to High Achievers (our after school club). We also offer a range of extra-curricular clubs with many enrichment activities which serve to enhance the creative curriculum. These include Cooking club, Coding Club and a range of Sports Clubs and outdoor activities. Our clubs serve to support families and the well- being of our children beyond the classroom.


In more recent times, we have moved towards offering a blended style of learning to enable children to access online learning. Our website gives details of how to access a timetable of blended learning should a child need it, complete with all the appropriate links and resources to help at home. Weekly home learning (Homework) is also available in the ‘Home Learning’ section.


Story Wood has a passionate, dedicated and inspirational team that works hard to reach high standards in everything we do. We believe high quality teaching is a key feature of our success, we spend a great deal of time ensuring teachers are well prepared, supported and continuously learning and enhancing how we teach in order to challenge our children. We value the extended partnerships we have with all stakeholders, which is evident through the successful relationships with our governors, parents and our local community. The Friends of Story Wood (FOSW) team, consisting of parents/ carers, strengthens our community and provides funds for the wider curriculum.


Story Wood school is underpinned by British Values, our inclusivity promoted through our ethos which embraces all members of our school community and where everyone is equally valued.

I hope you find our website useful and that it offers as much information as possible about our school, the staff, the range of enrichment activities and blended learning that our children can access and enjoy.


If you have any further enquiries or would like to visit our school, please contact me.


Mrs J Jones.

Executive Head teacher