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Story Wood School "Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed" "inspirati omnia impetramus"

Design & Technology

At Story Wood we use ‘Projects on a Page’ to deliver our DT curriculum. It is based on the six essentials of good practice in D&T. These are in place in our planning to ensure our children’s learning is genuinely design and technological in nature. They are consistent with the National Curriculum requirements and are applied whenever children are designing and making products:

  • User
  • Purpose
  • Functionality
  • Design Decisions
  • Innovation
  • Authenticity


Our projects for DT will include three types of activity:

  1. Investigative and Evaluative Activities (IEAs) where children learn from a range of existing products and find out about D&T in the wider world.
  2. Focused Tasks (FTs) where they are taught specific technical knowledge, designing skills and making skills
  3. Design, Make and Evaluate Assignment (DMEA) where children create functional products with users and purposes in mind.

In each phase (Y1/2, Y3/4, & Y5/6) we cover an element of the National Curriculum

KS1 – Mechanisms, Structures, Food, Textiles

KS2 – Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, Structures, Food, Textiles


In EYFS we use 'The early learning goals for Expressive Arts and Design' to deliver what children should know, understand and be able to do by the end of the reception year in DT.

DT skills

We recognise skills used in DT have cross curricular links eg:

  • Evaluating – DT (each stage of the process), Science (investigations), Art (personal preference), History (sources are reliable).
  • Problem solving – DT, Maths, Science

Cultural Capital

We know skills used in DT projects are skills that will support future job skills eg: resilience, teamwork.