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Story Wood School "Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed" "inspirati omnia impetramus"


Attendance 22/23



At Story Wood School we recognise the link between attainment and attendance. We are committed to ensuring the best possible learning outcomes for all of our pupils and as such we seek to ensure our pupils attend school regularly and on time every day. 


Our school target is 96% and we aim to hit this target every week.       

At the end of each half term, we celebrate good attendance by presenting children with certificates and at the end of each term 100% attendance is celebrated by the presentation of badges: bronze, silver and gold.  


























It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure their children arrive at school on time. Lateness can disrupt the learning of others and can result in a pupil feeling greater stress and achieving poorer outcomes. 90 per cent attendance means that your child is absent from lessons for the equivalent of one half day every week. Over five years this is the equivalent of about one half of a school year.


Research shows a close link between attendance at school and a child’s achievement. Being late adds up to a loss of learning. All time out of school affects both learning and achievement for pupils. Please make sure your child arrives at school on time.


If you are going to be late to school, please make sure you call the school office by 9am to let them know what time to expect you. Lateness over time equates to absence, and will be swiftly dealt with accordingly.