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Home Reading

Children in Reception will bring home a reading book each week. These will be linked to the Phonics sounds that they have learnt and that they are confident with. They will read the book in class every day and then bring the same book home to read with parents/ carers. Please listen to your child read during the week to improve their fluency and confidence.


If they are struggling with a word, encourage them to sound it out and blend the sounds back together. If they become frustrated, tell them the word! If your child is struggling to blend at first, don’t worry. Ask them to say each separate sound, then blend it for them to read the word. Ask them to copy you and repeat it a few times. Remember to keep praising and encouraging your child! If they seem too tired to read one night, stop and read it to them instead. They can always try again the next day.


There are also questions at the back of each book that you can ask, just to check that they are also understanding what they are reading.


Thank you for all your support and encouragement at home.