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Story Wood School Sowing the seeds of success

Parent Feedback

 "Sowing The Seeds Of Success"    

Parents Feedback

The packs you have made are brilliant! It has all the essentials to help my child learn and complete her daily exercises.

(Parent during lockdown learning)


You have put great effort into home learning. It’s been set very efficiently for the children learning at home. Thanks.             (Parent during lockdown learning)


 My daughter received her post card from Mrs Jones today and was ecstatic! (Parent during lockdown learning)


The balance of work you’re setting is suitable and the practical activities are very enjoyable. I’m really happy with the support we’re receiving.  (Parent during lockdown learning)



The work the teachers have been doing is amazing, really helpful, loads of videos, resources and different activities, keeps my little one engaged! (Parent during lockdown learning)



I am extremely happy with the work and activities being set for my daughter, she has enjoyed watching the videos, doing her work and being rewarded, thank-you. (Parent during lockdown learning)


I just wanted to send a message to say thank-you for everything that you are doing, I think you are doing an amazing job and I really appreciate the fact that you are continuing to work so that I can work, hats off to you! (Parent during lockdown learning)


Thank- you ever so much for your help and well done on your hard work to get their learning going! (Parent during lockdown learning)


Thank- you both for all of your support and the hard work you have put in to ensure we’ve had a varied and interactive home learning experience. He’s really enjoyed this week!                     (Parent during lockdown learning)


Thank-you for doing an amazing job in such a challenging time, it’s so nice to know myself as a working parent have the support of such a fantastic school. You’re amazing and we’re so lucky to have such lovely teachersJ (Parent during lockdown learning)


He’s enjoying all the learning at the moment! Especially the live lessons. Brilliant, it’s good to know and have the support of such good teachers. Sothank- you for all you’re doing!     (Parent during lockdown learning)


Hello! Thanks for all your hard work this week. I know it’s no small effort! You’ve been amazing! (Parent during lockdown learning)



I wanted to say a huge well done on the move to online and in person teaching - I can only imagine how challenging this must feel at times and you are all doing such an amazing job.                    (Parent during lockdown learning)


Hello! You’re doing an amazing job, truly couldn’t ask for better, thank- youJ (Parent during lockdown learning)


I would just like to say thank- you both for all you are doing for the class online which is very organised. (Parent during lockdown learning)                                                   



Just to say you’re doing an amazing job and we appreciate all the hard work, thank- you. Can we just thank both of you two for delivering the live lessons. (Parent during lockdown learning)


I really appreciate your commitment during this extremely challenging time. (Parent during lockdown learning)


Thank-you for all the time and effort going into the delivery of live lessons. I fully appreciate the dedication needed and how exhausting it is! (Parent during lockdown learning)


I’d like to say a big thank- you to you, you’re both juggling and doing an amazing job! (Parent during lockdown learning)