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Home Activities

In Nursery one of our main focuses is developing children’s communication and language skills. We do this through creating a language rich environment; singing, sharing stories and talking to one another. You can encourage your child in the same way at home.


Aim to share a story with your child every day. Winding down to bedtime can be a good time for this when your child can relax and simply enjoy the story. You can read the story to your child, or they might like to make up a story to go along with the pictures themselves. You can ask them questions about what has happened or what they think might happen next.


Spend time singing songs together and try to make it part of your daily routine, for example when having a bath you could sing 5 little ducks. Most children love songs, the funnier and more silly the better!


Most importantly, talk. You can never talk too much to your child. This doesn’t always need to be a conversation. A great way to develop your child’s language skills is by narrating and commenting on their day to day lives and their play. For example, when you are getting ready for school in the morning, give children instructions and talk about what they are doing, “Now you need to go and brush your teeth” “Can you squeeze the toothpaste onto the brush?” “You are doing a great job of brushing your own teeth, that will keep them healthy” etc. Talking in this way may not come naturally at first but can help build a wider vocabulary and demonstrates how to form a sentence.


Thank you for all your support and encouragement at home.