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Story Wood School "Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed" "inspirati omnia impetramus"

Spring Term

22.3.24 As the end of term approaches we have been learning about Easter; why and how it is celebrated. The children enjoyed toasting and buttering their own hot cross buns and going on an egg hunt.

11.3.24 This week we are exploring capacity with lots of filling and emptying - in the water tray, sand area and with pom poms. To develop our fine motor skills we have been challenged with threading cereal onto pipe cleaners, working together to build Lego structures as well as using pipettes to carefully fill the holes in Duplo.

7.3.24 The children brought in some wonderful hats for our World book day competition!

28.2.24 We have been exploring the story of Owl Babies further - looking at where they live. We went out into the woods and made tree rubbings to show the patterns in the bark.

26.2.24 This week we are looking at the story of Owl Babies. The children have enjoyed joining in with repeated refrains and doing lots of activities based around this. We have made observational paintings and printed to make owls, made playdough trees and used our cutting skills to make feathers and add a variety of owls to trees.

19.2.24 In Fine Motor Monday this week the children have been taking part in a range of colourful activities. They have copied the tens frame patterns, make bridges for bears, painted the zigzags and crossed the midline in large rainbow pictures.

1.2.24 Today we had our Reading Cafe, it was brilliant to have so many families sharing stories and developing a love of reading together.

25.2.24 This week we have continued to learn about number 4 and its composition. We have sung 4 little speckled frogs and jumped frogs into the pond to see how they could be grouped. Some of the children wanted to write down the different ways in which 4 could be made.

29.1.24 In Fine Motor Monday this week we have been decorating lanterns for Chinese New Year, used tools to cut playdough, given our paper people some hair and pegged out the washing.

15.01.24 We had the first of our Fine Motor Monday sessions today. The children accessed lots of different winter themed fine motor activities to help develop their finger strength.

11.01.24 This week we have been exploring triangles and their properties and getting stuck into lots of messy play!