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Story Wood School "Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed" "inspirati omnia impetramus"

Autumn Term

14.12.22 Melting and dissolving jelly in science to compare.

08.12.22 Creating a safe social media profile while learning about privacy and security in Online Safety.

07.12.22 Researching a question through geographical enquiry using sources uploaded to Google Classroom.

02.12.22 Testing whether substances were soluble or insoluble in Science.

29.11.22 Visiting the prayer space at St. Martin’s Church

28.11.22 Improvising and creating riffs to ‘Livin’ on a prayer’.

25.11.22 Testing which material is the best thermal insulator

22.11.22 We are writing scenarios that could help or hinder in our anti-bullying game.

21.11.22 We are practising and remembering In SPAG to help us with our learning.

18.11.22 investigating rivers for geography fieldwork at RSPB Sandwell Valley

10.11.22 Coding our game then adding a splash screen in Computing.

04.11.22 Testing materials for their properties.

03.11.22 We practised chest and shoulder passes in netball.

17.10.22 Our water lilies inspired by Monet

11.10.22 We practised balancing and synchronisation using equipment.

07.10.22 We used Oreo cookies to recreate the 8 phases of the moon.

03.10.22 Our impressionist paintings in the style of Monet.

29.09.22 Super push passing skills in hockey.

26.09.22 Look at what we did with shading and sketching techniques

23.09.22 We had an energetic and busy day at the Commonwealth Games Event. Rugby, hockey, bowls, Bhangra dancing - you name it, we did it!

22.09.22 We used oranges on skewers to represent the Earth then used a torch as the sun to show why we have day and night in different places.

12.09.22 Year 5 mixing primary colours to create the other colours on the colour wheel.