We are currently operating as an emergency care facility for children of key workers (e.g. NHS staff, police, others in frontline services) and children with certain needs. The Government have advised that children stay at home where possible and only use this service when there is no alternative provision for the children.

During term time, there will be food parcels available for children who are entitled to free school meals - these will only be available for pick up on Wednesdays.

Stay positive and for support with emotional and well-being support click this link.

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Who's Who


School Staff List: 2019 - 2020




Picture 1 Executive Head Teacher Mrs Jones by Kalan
Picture 2 Assistant Headteacher/Incl Ms Smith by Kelsey

Phase Leaders

Phase Leaders 1 EYFS/Key Stage 1 - Miss Baldwin by Lucy
Phase Leaders 2 Key Stage 2 - Mrs Jones by Jessica

Administration Team

Administration Team 1 Business Manager Mrs Sadler by Darcy
Administration Team 2 Office Manager Mrs Simmons by Eden
Administration Team 3 Clerical Assistant Mrs Neale by Fazhan
Administration Team 4 Finance Administrator Mrs Dunne by Liam

Site Staff

Site Staff 1 Site Manager Mr Young by Bethany
Site Staff 2 Shift Supervisor Miss Evans by Grace

Nursery Class

Nursery Class 1 Mrs Mattiesen - Class Teacher
Nursery Class 2 Mrs Bi - Teaching Assistant by Eva

Reception Class

Reception Class 1 Miss Baldwin - Class Teacher by Lucy

Year 1 Class

Year 1 Class 1 Y1 class teacher Miss Alleyne by Mengru
Year 1 Class 2 Teaching Assistant Mrs Ballard by Honey

Year 2 Class

Year 2 Class 1 Miss Everitt - Y2 Class Teacher by Liberty
Year 2 Class 2 Teaching Assistant - Miss A Shaw by Daniel
Year 2 Class 3 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Allsopp by Reece

Year 3 Class

Year 3 Class 1 Mr Lazar - Y3 Class Teacher by Youssef
Year 3 Class 2 Mrs Jones by Jessica
Year 3 Class 3 Mrs Robinson -Teaching Assistant by Brodie

Year 4 Class

Year 4 Class 1 Y4 Class Teacher - Mrs A Stokes by Aiden
Year 4 Class 2 Mrs Green by Megan

Year 5 Class

Year 5 Class 1 Class Teacher - Mrs Llewellyn By Catherine
Year 5 Class 2 Teaching Assistant - Mrs York by Ashanti

Year 6 Class

Year 6 Class 1 Y 6 Class Teacher Miss Marsh by Yassin

Lunchtime/Breakfast Club Supervisors

Lunchtime/Breakfast Club Supervisors 1 Miss Kirby by Dontay
Lunchtime/Breakfast Club Supervisors 2 Miss Morton by Courtney
Lunchtime/Breakfast Club Supervisors 3 Mrs Pack by Elizabeth
Lunchtime/Breakfast Club Supervisors 4 Mrs Symonds
Lunchtime/Breakfast Club Supervisors 5 Mrs Whyte by Darcy