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Story Wood School Sowing the seeds of success

Year 5

Step 1 timetable

Year 5 are currently in step 1 - all children are in school. This timetable applies for children self-isolating due to COVID-19. Please see the above timetable, and the below links for lessons. 

READING - Read your AR book or read from Epic books

Lesson 2: Oak Academy: Aladdin - narrative writing 

Start at lesson 1 and work through the unit with one lesson each day.

Lesson 3: 2D shape - perimeter and area

Start at lesson 1 and work through the unit one lesson per day



Lesson 4: Choose from the links below what lesson you would like to take part in. Make sure you spend some time of the afternoon on TTRS and Accelerated Reader.


Accelerated Reader

Science: Forces


PHSE: All Around Me


PE: Orienteering