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Story Wood School "Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed" "inspirati omnia impetramus"

Virtual Reality: VR Headsets

At Story Wood School, we believe that every child should universally succeed. Virtual Reality Headsets fulfil this vision by enabling all pupils to access their learning in new and exciting ways. VR is used across the Story Wood Curriculum to broaden pupils' experiences, close the cultural capital gap and immerse children in their learning. 


This is an amazing opportunity for pupils to experience and connect with subjects like never before. With the VR headsets, pupils can be transported to the Pyramids of Egypt, tour a Viking Long Ship or travel through the body to observe the internal organs. Guided by our teachers, these immersive experiences allow pupils to explore topics, scenes and images at their own pace, ask critical questions and develop their creativity by linking what they have seen with what they have learnt. 



Year 4 had lots to say about their VR Roman experience.

They were able to ‘visit’ Hadrian‘s Wall and imagine what life was like for Roman Soldiers living at that remote outpost. 

Y5 experiencing VR

Lipman (Year 5) experiencing VR to complement and enhance their learning in Science.