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Year 3

20th November - 3rd December (Step 3)

This week Year 3 are on Step 3, which means all children are currently self isolating. That means we will be registering and checking out daily. These 5-10 minute chats will be to say hello to their friends, and also give me a chance to talk through the work for that day. The checkout will be to say goodbye for the day and ask any questions about the work.


All work needs to be submitted via Google Classroom assignments. This will be done by either taking a picture or submitting written work on a Google Doc. 

Please see the timetable above, and the recommendations below:

Lesson 1: 
Please see the 'Assignments' on Google Classroom.

Lesson 2:
Please see the 'Assignments' on Google Classroom.

Lesson 3: 
As our History topic is 'Ancient Egypt' this half term, please take a look at these BBC bitesize resources and have a go at the quiz!