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Story Wood School "Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed" "inspirati omnia impetramus"

Autumn Term

We had a whole school assembly at Elim church where year 6 shared the Christmas story and each class shared something Christmas related with the rest of the school. Socrates did a fantastic performance of the song ‘Mary, did you know?’ which wowed the whole audience.

Socrates learnt all about the many Egyptian Gods and we tried to match their names and images to their descriptions.

Year 3 went to church to learn about the Christmas story and the importance of Jesus at this special time of the year.

Year 3 have been mummifying tomatoes to show how the salt dried out the bodies in Ancient Egypt. Many thanks to Jack’s mum for coming in and showing us how!

We have started looking at some strange and interesting Egyptian artefacts, what they were used for and what they tell us about the Egyptian people and the way they lived and things they believed.

Beginning to multiply 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number using our base tens

Socrates have begun a new history topic all about the Ancient Egyptian and we have started by refreshing our knowledge of chronology to order some important events in the Egyptian timeline.

Using cubes in maths to help us discover our multiplication and division families

Final cave paintings from our art project

Socrates have been experimenting with magnets and have discovered the rules for when magnets attract or repel

This week Socrates have been using their sketching and shading skills with charcoal to practice their Stone Age images in peroration for their final art piece

Socrates are learning how to sketch Stone Age images

In science Socrates have been discovering forces using toy cars, elastic bands and playdough

Socrates began their practical art lessons by leaning and practicing different shading techniques