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Story Wood School "Inspiring Minds to Universally Succeed" "inspirati omnia impetramus"

Autumn Term

1.12.23 In Jigsaw this week we have been thinking about our homes and how they can look different to one another. We built houses using a range of materials to show to Jigsaw Jenie.

23.11.23 Our focus in Maths this week is number 2. We have made lots of pairs (groups of 2) socks to go on the washing line. Using the pegs has made our fingers work very hard!

21.11.23 This week we are learning about birthdays. It has been interesting to find out how we all celebrate. We have made party hats and used playdough to make cakes; counting the candles carefully to add to the top.

14.11.23 We have been busy learning about Diwali and have even made our own Diya lamps. The children loved feeling the clay which was very "cold" and "smooth".

9.11.23 We have been looking at why people wear poppies for Remembrance day. The children then painted their own poppies using a potato to print.

07.11.23 After hearing fireworks over the weekend we have been making our own firework pictures using chalk, glitter and paint as well as counters to make firework patterns.

27.10.23 In Jigsaw we have been thinking about taking responsibility. We each had a puppet to look after for the morning and had o take responsibility for it. The children loved taking their puppet around, showing them different activities and looked after them very carefully.

24.10.23 We looked at the pumpkin artwork by Yayoi Kusama and then created our own in class! We loved our 'spotty pumpkins'.

20.10.23 The children have enjoyed exploring the mud kitchen today; leaf stew was the chef's special!

17.10.23 The children have enjoyed taking part in listening walks around school, they used the Ipad to take photos of different things that were making a noise.

16.10.23 In PE today we have been pretending to be in a castle - staying away from an Ogre - there were a lot of obstacles that we faced. The children did brilliantly at following the course round the hall and balanced carefully on the benches.

16.10.23 This week in maths we are sorting objects by different properties. Today's focus was sorting by colour the children worked in teams to sort the bears into coloured groups.

13.10.23 We went on a listening walk in the woods - we heard a variety of different sounds; even the cars in the distance! The children loved looking for the animal statues and di some very loud lion impressions.

12.10.23 Today we have been doing P4C after looking at 'Dear Zoo' this week. We have discussed what animals we would like to have as a pet. Cats (and elephants!) were a popular choice. When we spoke about cats potentially scratching/ biting one child even suggested that they could have their claws cut.

10.10.23 Our maths focus this week is matching - we have started by matching numicon numbers by their shape, we had to find someone else with the same shape and sized piece as us.

10.10.23 We have been using loose parts to create pictures of our families.

09.10.23 This week in PE we have been focusing on finding a safe space. We also played games with beanbags pretending that they were fairies. We passed them from hand to hand around our bodies. We played a game called "The dragons are coming" The children moved around the room in different ways but when the dragons were coming we had to hide the fairies to keep them safe.

05.10.23 This week our maths focus has been on matching. We have matched buttons on shirts by colour and shape, matched patterned socks and made matching towers.

04.10.23 This week we have been creating self portraits using the Interactive Whiteboard. The children loved selecting different colours and experimenting with a variety of tools.

25.9.23 This week we are learning about green, purple and orange as well as talking about our favourite colours. Today we were learning about purple, we particularly enjoyed collaging ourselves in our purple school uniform. We also put together the pictures of ourselves and our friends.

20.9.23 Today we had a yellow day, alongside lots of different yellow activities the children requested that we do yellow collages. We were missing the sunshine today so some children made their own sunshine pictures.

18.9.23 This week in Maths are focusing on colours. We have started with red, the children enjoyed exploring a range of red activities including printing and playdough. They worked well together to sort the red items.

15.9.23 - The children found a snail in our outdoor area, we talked about taking care of living things and what the snail might like to eat.

14.9.23 - This week we have been busy settling into Nursery; making new friends and exploring our new environment.